ADCU - Low Rate Visa Card

Low Rate Visa Card

  • Card
  • Interest Rate (p.a.) - 10.99% p.a
  • Balance Transfer - 0%
    for 12 Months
  • Interest Free Days - 55 days

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Pre Paid Cash

For a time, credit cards and debts were almost inseparable. When you get a credit card, you would automatically incur debts. But does this still apply today? Certainly not. With the advent of pre paid cash card nowadays, you can actually own and use a plastic card to your heart's content without making lots of debts.

What Exactly Are Pre Paid Cash Cards?

Pre paid cash cards, also sometimes referred to as prepaid credit cards, are preloaded with a certain amount that you can use for a variety of financial transactions. For instance, you can use a pre paid cash card to fund an online purchase, pay a bill, or make a restaurant reservation. The amount you would pre-load in the card would be your own money and not something borrowed from a bank or any other financial institution; therefore, whenever you use the card, you are literally debt-free.

Who Needs Pre Paid Cash Cards?

Ideally, pre paid cash cards are good for anyone who wants to take control of his expenses and purchases. It works well for parents, young professionals, university students, and kids who are currently being introduced to the idea of responsible money management.

How Can You Benefit From Pre Paid Cash Cards?

Since you will be the one who would determine the amount to be preloaded in your cards, you are most likely in control of your own spending. If you know you have certain limits, you can avoid overspending and you can actually shop wisely. All this consequently helps you save a huge sum of money. Now, when your card runs out of funds, you can reload it with a certain amount to be able to use it in future financial transactions.

How Do Pre Paid Cash Cards Work?

Basically, pre paid cash cards work almost like an ordinary credit card. You can use them in a variety of transactions anytime, anywhere. As a matter of fact, pre paid cash cards are normally accepted in several stores and locations.

What's good about pre paid cash cards is that when they are stolen and you report the incident to the issuing company immediately, the cards would be deactivated and you would receive a new card loaded with your outstanding balance. This serves as a very good security for your money.

Pre paid cash cards heve been seen as very effective financial tools, but just a word: when you want to get pre paid cash cards, take time out to do a little research. Know the different companies that offer pre paid cash cards products, and try to determine their differences. While pre paid cash cards adopt only one basic concept, that is, a debt-free card transaction, issuing financial institutions apparently have different policies and systems.

If you are currently looking for the best pre paid cash cards, use the Internet as your source of information. You can actually just visit several financial institutions' websites to know more about the different pre paid cash card offers available in the market.

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